Monday, September 04, 2006

Alan Sharp is an idea stealer, thug and loser

Alan Sharp: idea stealer, redundant incompetent and 'Stephen Ryder Casebook' thug.

It seems the wrong thing to do to a sunny day to waste it on this self promoting individual, and in this, all the members and editors of the website were in agreement.
Briefly, then, this man's profile can be defined as follows:

Anxious to promote himself on all counts.
He followed a course in business studies, where he gleaned afew insights into the type of promotion that is best applied to Amstrad speakers and large women's panties. He then transferred his socalled skills to studying the Jack the Ripper case, and no one's been able to get rid of him since. Flog it, flog it, visit them and flog it, is this man's business motto. He never, never, loses an opportunity to flog his unpopular product. His is the sort of self promotion that when applied to old crony life insurance gets monitored by BBC Watchdog candid cameras. It is very wearing.

Idea stealing.
This usually goes hand in hand with the basest marketing activities and attitudes, and Alan Sharp is no exception. Other people's precious work is this clumsy oaf's life source. He watches the blogs and the websites, according to our informers, preys on their ideas and adapts them to fit theories he's promoting in order to advance his career. He is to research as a chameleon is to a greenhouse plant, only his presence among students of the case is bloodsucking.

Crass incompetence and self aggrandisement.
Nearly every ambitious cheat has an inflated ego, and Alan Sharp is no exception. He is forever attempting to make out he's an expert, and never waits to be respected. Instead, he insists others respect him simply because he's lost time on the matter. He's a bully and a thug, and forces people to "give him his due respect."
Yet every time he puts forward an opinion, on 'Stephen Ryders' Casebook' or elsewhere, he is subject to correction from others, which usually proves appropriate.

However, like all predators with a product, he has a platform. Stephen Ryder's Casebook members are stupidly incompetent in the matter of Special Branch activity 1870-1890, and need a spokesperson. This is where Alan Sharp comes in with his socalled expertise. He obtains all his information from books that are already available on the market in the UK, arbitrarily adapts the information to the Jack the Ripper context and puts the adapted information forward as if it were the product of some sort of scholarship. He has never worked with primary source Special Branch material and has no idea what went on 1870-1900 in fact.
Stephen Ryder is anxious to promote a link with any type of competence in this field as he's afraid of being shown up for lack of it and for going about with a bunch of nutters. This is where Alan steps in. In America, from which standpoint 'Stephen Ryder's Jack the Ripper Casebook' is promoted, Alan Sharps rubbish can quite easily, (via Stephen Ryder), be promoted as 'expertise in the genre', and this is what's happening in the present.

But people don't seem to be easily taken in.
Despite the endless attempts to promote Alan Sharp, his blog and his first book (a comment on the Irish press coverage of Jack the Ripper, very, very dull) are unpopular. How does he resolve this? By ingratiating himself with established 'Jack the Ripper' experts, whose expertise is undermined by their lack of success but who nonetheless command a certain amount of respect on account of their long standing redundant efforts and good manners. He endlessly namedrops these individuals. (He endlessly namedrops any individual in fact. He'd namedrop Ghandi and Mark Thatcher in the same sentance if he possibly could).

Scroll down to the post entitled 'Alot of loons' for more information and links to Alan's sites and contributions to Stephen Ryder's outfit.

Alan Sharp does have one paradoxical aspect to hs nature; all bores do. Despite his endless, persistent self promotion, he seems unreluctant to admit ( and frequently demonstrates it) that he lives in a revolting 'nutter/loser' style bedsit and his wife and children have thrown him out.

Here the extent of Alan Sharp's malice is well demsonstrated. He has contributed to putting up the following blogs, the main author being Philip Hutchinson.
Have you ever come across such a malicious loser as Alan Sharp?


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